Welcome to Northwest Pen Works.
I'm Michael McNeil, and I've been
collecting, restoring, buying and
selling fountain pens and other
writing instruments since 1986. I have
a varied background in graphics, fine
art, calligraphy, the antiques business
and jewelry making.

I transferred my skills in jewelry making to the restoration of
vintage fountain pens, which is one of my hobbies as well as a
full time business. My favorite aspect of collecting and restoring
fountain pens has been the many wonderful people I have met
and become friends with along the way, both here in America
and around the world.

My personal interests in collecting old writing instruments
runs the gamut from early dip pens and hard rubber fountain
pens to mechanical pencils, early ball point pens to advertising
ink blotters, and unusual inkwells, ink bottles and other desk
accessories. For my own collection I like old pens made of
hard rubber, especially those made of mottled and colored
hard rubber, and pens with broad, oblique and stub nibs.
When I restore pens for my customer's collections, I want
them to function well, and to have the same beauty and writing
qualities as if they were part of my own collection. The
restoration and preservation of your pens is as important to
me as it is to you.

I owe many thanks to Mike and Loretta Wadner for all the
work they have done on this website, and to Markus Irby for
keeping my computer running, tech advice, and deals on really
interesting pens! Also many thanks to Melissa Lowry and Sam
Fiorella for help in so many different areas.

Contact Information
Northwest Pen Works
4310 S. E. King Road, #264
Milwaukie, OR 97222-5281
Northwest Pen Works
Since 1986